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Birthing my children was easier for me than hatching this book!  Adelaide Bonner Girard is a busy lady, and her exploits keep me hustling to keep up.  Along with Lottie Frisham and Lacy Tindal, there is no devining what Addie might be doing next.  Addie’s inveterate curiosity and investigative nature leads the threesome to seek solutions for the mysteries they encounter in Wanderwood, Texas, and other places.  Addie’s four children, Travis Taylor, Madison, Lindsey Anne, and Will, surely can experience a lot of consternation when they are drawn into Addie’s retirement world of murder and mayhem.  In books two, three, and four,  Addie’s journey into positive widowhood includes planned and unexpected travels into difficult situations and, of course…murders!

For now… Judy Spoon Ertel

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